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Slideshow Multiple Sclerosis
Why Is MS Changing during the “Last 25 Years”

The slides are explained completely in chapter nine of the book “while science sleeps.

MS, historically a disease of colder climates
Mexico MS prevalence increases
Prevalence of MS in Southern Europe “much higher than previously believed
Northern Italy 5 fold increase in MS
Sardinia MS incidence up
Sicily incidence MS from 1970 -2000 climbs
Why Is MS Changing during the “Last 25 Years”
Temporal Trends in the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis
An Attenuation of the Latitude Gradient
Distribution of MS 1979 Before Aspartame
Distribution of MS 1993 12 Years of Aspartame
Distribution of MS 2003 22 Years of Aspartame
Japan incidence of MS Very Low until Ajinomoto began producing Aspartame
Northern Sweden MS incidence doubles from 1974 -1997
Finland MS prevalence “significant”
2004-35 year study MS up 74% in Men 272% for Women
Attacks of MS in the Summer? Methanol now in thirst quenchers
Newcastle Australia MS incidence up Three Fold from 1961 – 1996
New Zealand MS “continues to increase”
2007 -USA MS Prevalence 50% higher than comprehensive review from 1982
MS Mortality up 1990 – 2001 in US 20 years after Aspartame
MS Mortality in US decreased during the 1970’s?
Mortality rises from 1990 -2001 despite improved treatment?
MS Quickly Losing Its Status as a Disease of Cold Climates.
Multiple Sclerosis Death Rate Versus Aspartame Comsumption USA

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Review of "While Science Sleeps" by emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Western Ontario in London Canada. International Health News devoted the entire June issue of their International Health Newsletter to the book review.

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A very important message to the European Food Safety Authority
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The Truth about all the testing that Ajinomoto claims proves aspartame SAFE!
Failed Safety Testing

Chapter 12 Slideshow for Download
Birth Defects caused by Aspartame

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