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The Heart of the Law

The enemy is not aspartame. Our foe are nations who have failed us.

It has been difficult for me, knowing what I know, not to fall prey to fantasy and the lazy comfort of wrath. If it were not for loving voices calming me to cowardice, some small number of evil men would have been cut short in the prime of their misdeeds.

That being said, for those who perpetrate this deceit, the murderous adulteration of the world’s food supply, to go unpunished would be an unfortunate outcome – an invitation to ruthless men forever more to profit from the pain and suffering of others. There needs to be restitution, examples made, governments felled or the poisoned innocents will never rest, their deaths forever in vain, nothing learned.

Modern western bureaucracies have failed miserably to protect the most vulnerable of their flock from the remorseless terror of unbridled capitalism. There is no cure for this social disease, no simple change that makes a difference. Timely rebellion is the foundation of democracy. Radical change severs the ties of power and favor that ultimately renders all governments corrupt. A perfect constitution is useless when mischief lies at the heart of the law. Revolution is no guarantee of freedom but stands its only friend.

The notion of what makes a hero has not changed since the time of the first of the slave uprisings. These brave few are a complex mix of monster and charismate who dare raise the rabble against oppression. They remain the one rare entity that renders humanity as separate from all other pastoral life forms, who so often adapt to the vilest of keepers. These courageous souls should be nurtured and cared for as embryonic salvation from tyranny, yet their scarcity may be better cover, since masters of commerce have the most interest in their elucidation. These subjects of legend and lore appear to have no early feature or trait that sets them apart. Heroism in-fact may be a triggerable response lying dormant in each of us, waiting – just waiting – for that perfect moment.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Woodrow C. Monte, Professor Emeritus of Nutrition
Arizona State University

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.” Pulp Fiction and also Ezekiel 25:17

Dr. Woodrow C. Monte, Curriculum Vitae

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