New Zealand News

Stoler, KP. 2009. “The Research Behind Aspartame” Fitness Life Vol 42;42-45

Aspartame: An Inconvenient Truth

NZFSA Attempts to Stumble public on Aspartame

Formaldehyde ‘worse in food and drink’
New Zealander Battles with Artificial Sweetener Poison Aspartame

Nutrition Foundation Short on Credibility
Danger in Diet Coke & Wrigley’s gum?

Aspartame victim “repoisoned”

Kiwis Warned to Avoid Poisonous Chewing Gum
Activist’s visit a natural sweetner

Aspartame Research Needed, Not Coca-Cola Soft Sell

Formaldehyde from aspartame causes fetal alcohol syndrome, autism, multiple sclerosis, lupus, teen suicide

Phoenix Organics Defends Aspartame Stance

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Review of "While Science Sleeps" by emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Western Ontario in London Canada. International Health News devoted the entire June issue of their International Health Newsletter to the book review.

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A very important message to the European Food Safety Authority
Link below.
Read the open letter

The Truth about all the testing that Ajinomoto claims proves aspartame SAFE!
Failed Safety Testing

Chapter 12 Slideshow for Download
Birth Defects caused by Aspartame

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Solving the Mystery of Multiple Sclerosis: Is Your Diet Secretly Poisoning You?

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